Below you will find multiple links that can be used as references, teaching tools, or games. Also, several links various forms of digital presentation platforms have been included. These websites provide a change from the traditional methods of presenting information. Many of the platforms are free; however, some require a subscription. If you are an educator, many of the websites offer classroom subscriptions.


Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network (Grades K-12) –

National Weather Service (NWS) (Grades K-12) -

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Grades 6-12) -

National Hurricane Center (Grades 6-12) -

National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) (Grades 6-12)–

National Center for Atmospheric Research (Grades K-12) -

Blue Planet Biomes (Grades K-12) -

STEM Georgia (Grades K-12) -


NOAA Weather for Kids

NOAA Weather for Kids

Teaching Tools

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Kids (Grades K-12) -

CIESE Real Time Data Projects (Grades 6-12) -

Water Cycle Demonstration (Grades K-5) -

NOAA Climate (Grades 6-12) -

WeatherBase (Grades K-12) -

Weather WizKids (Grades K-8) -

Kid's Crossing (Grades K-8) -

Weather for Kids (Grades K-8) -

Climatologist's Toolbox (Grades 6-12) -

Disaster Area (Grades K-12) -

Interactive Weather Maker (Grades 6-8) -

Science News for Kids (Grades 4-8) -

Stop Disasters Simulator (Grades 6-12) -

Tornado Simulator (Grades 6-12) -\

Tornado Simulator (Grades 6-12) -

Hurricane Formation Simulator (Grades 6-8) -

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale Simulator (Grades 6-12) -


Savannah, Georgia


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Kids (Grades K-12) -

CIESE Real Time Data Projects (Grades 6-12) -

Water Cycle Demonstration (Grades K-5) -

Stop Disasters Simulator (Grades 6-12) -


Hampton, Georgia

Presentation Platforms

Prezi -

Blogger -

Glogster -

SlideShare -

Zoho Docs -

Fotobabble -

Voki -

Vuvox -

Linoit -

One True Media -

Museum Box -

Pixton -